* Solo shows are marked by an asterisk

2012  *Gallery Gevik, Toronto, Ontario, "Alex Janvier: Spiritual Expressions," (October 27 - November 16, 2012).
2012  *Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, "Alex Janvier,"
(May 17 - August 19, 2012).
2012  *Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, "Oil Drum: An Exhibition of New Works by Alex Janvier," (April 21 -May 4, 2012)
2011  *Janvier Gallery, Cold  Lake, Alberta, "Coming Full Circle," (May 7, 2011)
2011  *Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, as a part of "Frontrunners".
2010    *Canada House Gallery, Banff, Alberta.  "Alex Janvier, Banff 2010, Works on Paper," (November 13, 2010).
2010 Profiles Public Art Gallery, St Albert, Alberta, "Shifting Patterns" (June 3 – July 3, 2010)
2010 *Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, "I Love My Line"
(March 27 – April 8, 2010)
2009 France, Essor Des Vallees De L’Auxois , “ Évasions des arts contemporains” (International Guest Artist)
2009 *South France, Var area, Le Grand Cros, “Art and Vin - The Riches of Diversity - A Celebration of Canadian Art”
2009 *Nyree Hazelton Arts Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, “Trading Over the Mountains”
2009 Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Canada, “Among Nations” , Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
2008 *Canada House Gallery, Banff, Alberta ,“Alex Janvier RCA CM” (September 2008)
2007 *Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta “The Alberta Biennial Celebrates the Work of Alex Janvier” (September 7, 2007 – January 5, 2008)
2007 *Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, “Deep Roots”
2006 *Janvier Gallery, Cold Lake, Alberta, “New Works”
2006 Alberta Foundation for the Arts, “Talking Pictures: From the Sacred Circle to the Square Canvas” (Jan. 2006 – Jan. 2008, traveling exhibit)
2005 *Janvier Gallery, Cold Lake, Alberta, “New Watercolour Circles”
2005 *Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, “Beautiful Mother Earth”
2004 *Janvier Gallery, Cold Lake, Alberta, “Permanent Collection”
2004 Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
2004 The Canadian Forum on Cultural Enterprise, Paris, France (January 12-14 2004)
2003 *Janvier Gallery, Cold Lake, Alberta.
2002 Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, “New Works in Watercolour”
2001 Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, “Journey”
2000 Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta “Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art 2000” (travelling exhibition)
1996 National Aboriginal Achievement Award, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
“Morning Star” image as “Stage Set” for Award Ceremony
1996 Canada House, Banff, Alberta.
1996 Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario, “Recent Acquisitions”
1996 Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, “Gifts of the Spirit”
1995 Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta.
1995 Big Brothers, Ottawa, Ontario.
1995 Robertson Galleries, Ottawa, Ontario.
1994 West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
1994 West End Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia.
1994 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta.
1994 Mendal Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, “ Negotiating the Land”
1994 Assiniboia, Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan.
1994 Assiniboia Bessborough Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
1994 Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
1993 Yukon Gallery, Whitehorse, Yukon.
1993 *Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario, “Alex Janvier, His First Thirty Years 1960-1990 retrospective” (travelling exhibition to major galleries across Canada).
1993 Assiniboia, Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan.
1993 Assiniboia Bessborough Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
1992 *Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, “Janvier’s Classics”
1992 National Art Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, “Land, Spirit, Power: First Nations Art at the National Gallery of Canada” (travelling exhibition).
1992 *Gallery 1450, Victoria, British Columbia.
1992 New Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, “The Mentors”
1992 Robertson Galleries, Ottawa, Ontario.
1992 Gallery Moos, Toronto, Ontario.
1992 Unique Gallery, Grand Prairie, Alberta.
1992 Provincial Museum, Edmonton Alberta, “Alberta First Nations: From The Four Directions”
1992 Canada’s First People, “A Celebration of Contemporary Native Visual Arts” (travelling exhibition)
1991 Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
1991 Unique Gallery, Grand Prairie, Alberta, “One Trick Pony”
1991 West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, “20th Anniversary”
1991 West End Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia.
1990 *Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta, “Intertribal Indian Unlimited”
1990 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta
1989 *Gallery Moos, Toronto, Ontario
1989 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, “Apple World”
1989 Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec, “In the Shadow of the Sun”
1988 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta, “The Spirit of Lubicon”
1988 Arts Court, Ottawa, Ontario, “Modern Echoes of Ancient Dreams”
1988 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta
1987 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1987 Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, California, “A Celebration of Contemporary Canadian Native Art”
1987 Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario, “Eight From the Prairies”
1986 West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1986 Native Business Summit, Toronto, Ontario, “New Beginnings”
1986 Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, “Founders of the Alberta College of Art”
1985 *Gallery Moos, Toronto, Ontario
1985 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1985 MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, “Two Worlds”
1985 Holland Festival, Amsterdam, “Challenges”
1984 *Gallery Moos, Toronto, Ontario
1984 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1983 *National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, “The Seasons”
1983 *Soho Mercer Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
1983 - Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Ontario, “Contemporary Indian Art at Rideau Hall” (Collection of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development)
1983 United Nations General Assembly Building, New York, USA, “Contemporary Indian and Inuit Art of Canada” (travelling exhibition opening at the UN building in New York)
1983 Woodland Indian Cultural Educational Centre, Brantford, Ontario “Indian Art ’83”
1983 Edmonton, Alberta, “Universiade ’83 Kaleidoscope”
1982 *Gallery Moos, Calgary, Alberta
1982 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1982 Thunder Bay National Exhibition Centre and Centre for Indian Art, Thunder Bay, Ontario, “Tailfeathers/Sapp/Janvier”
1982 Thunder Bay National Exhibition Centre and Centre for Indian Art, Thunder Bay, Ontario, “Renewal: Masterworks of Contemporary Indian Art from the National Museum of Man”
1981 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1980 *Gallery Moos, Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario
1980 West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1980 *Robertson Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
1979 *Gallery Moos, Toronto, Ontario
1979 *Hampton Galleries, Pontiac, Michigan, United States of America
1979 Robertson Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
1979 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1978 *Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario, “Contemporary Native Art of Canada Series: Alex Janvier”
1978 *West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
1978 *Calgary Galleries, Calgary, Alberta.
1977 *Gallery Stenhusgarden, Linkoping, Sweden.
1977 Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, “Links to a Tradition”
(travelling exhibition to Brazil)
1977 *National Museum of Man, Ottawa, Ontario: Alex Janvier: a new dialogue between Native Sensibility and Western Tradition.
1977 Gallery Moos, Toronto, Ontario.
1977 Mackenzie Gallery and Native Studies Programme, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, “Contemporary Indian Art –The Trail from the past to the Future”
1977 Woodland Indian Cultural Educational Centre, Brantford, Ontario, “Indian Art ’77”
1976 *Johnson Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
1976 *Framecraft Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1976 Ontario and Quebec, Canada, “Imprint ’76” (travelling exhibition)
1976 Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, “Cinader Collection”
1976 Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
1976 Woodland Indian Cultural Educational Centre, Brantford, Ontario, “Indian Art ’76”
1975 *Calgary Galleries, Calgary, Alberta
1975 Alberta Art Foundation, London, Brussels, Paris, New York, Montreal (travelling exhibition)
1975 Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
1975 Dominion Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.
1975 Wallack Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.
1975 Art Emporium, Vancouver, British Colombia
1974 *Canue, Edmonton, Alberta
1974 *Framecraft Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1974 Gallery Anthropos, London, England
1974 Inukshuk Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario
1974 The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, “First Biannual Invitational Painting Exhibit”
1974 Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario, “Indian Art ’74”
1974 Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, “Prairie ’74”
1973 *Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1973 *Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1973 *Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1972 Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, “Treaty Numbers 23, 287, 1171”
1972 Framecraft Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1970 *Framecraft Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1970 McIntosh Memorial Art Gallery, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
1968 Glenbow Museum, Calgary, “Contemporary Indian Artists” (Western Canada Tour)
1966 Department of Indian Affairs, Ottawa, ON
1965 Jacox Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1964 *Jacox Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
1964 Jacox Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, “Spring All-Alberta Show”
1950 International Vatican Exhibition, Rome, Italy